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'The best thing about ZenZen Gardens...

...with it's pristine farmy, charm, carefully tended grounds bursting with colorful flowers and lush greenery (not to mention the stunning views!), is the enthusiasm with which Cindie loves to share this special space. The beauty of the North Fork Valley and its convivial nature are clearly at the heart of ZenZen, where Cindie has created an oasis in celebration of great music, food, and community. A wonderful place to experience the unique local pulse of Paonia.'


Abbey Andersen, Paonia

Zenzen Gardens was the perfect venue...

...to hold my husband’s Celebration of Life. The mountain views and elegant gardens were so up-lifting. The grounds are spacious enough to accommodate the crowd of 400 without feeling crowded and there was ample parking. Food and bar service flowed nicely throughout the event. Cindie couldn’t have been more helpful or professional. I got many compliments on how lovely the event was and I definitely recommend Zenzen Gardens for any special event, large or small.


-Helen Highwater, Paonia


Zenzen Gardens is both a concert venue...

...and place to experience real magic. We arrived at dusk and settled down with a yummy pizza and CBD drink. The sunset added drama as the band began to play. Kids played with their toys while the adults danced barefoot in the soft grass. By the second set, the stars were blazing in a dark sky. Lots of smiles in every direction. Thanks, Zenzen, for hosting such amazing events. 

Daniel Ziskin, Boulder

Staying at Zenzen Gardens was...

...a delightful experience I was only there for a couple nights but felt extremely comfortable and well cared for. Cindie  is very Committed to her venture and willing to share it. It’s a lovely place to spend time and I recommend it to anyone and I look forward to going back myself.


Mary Kaylor, Boulder, CO

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Zenzen Gardens is the best of Colorado...

...live music with room to dance in the grass, sunsets on mountains opening to desert stars. This is what Telluride used to be!

Lara Johnson, Paonia

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